For Russian drivers from 1 July, introduced new rules

several important changes made for the Russian drivers from July 1, 2020.

first, changing the order a medical examination to obtain or renew a driver’s license. July 1 upon receipt of a medical certificate may have to pass additional tests if the doctor-the psychiatrist will find the driver for signs of alcohol or drug abuse, according to the proposal of the Ministry of health.

second, it is prohibited to import right-hand drive vehicles of categories M2 and M3 — buses, vans and construction machinery (dump trucks, etc.). For cars with the right wheel introduced new customs duties, the amount of which depends on the age and ecological class. In addition, right-hand drive car is necessary to obtain a technical certificate for compliance with construction safety requirements. In the end, will increase the cost and time of customs clearance of such vehicles, according to GOST 33670-2015 technical regulations of the Customs Union, adopted by Eurasian economic Commission.

third, after a series of changes in car design it is necessary to conduct a technical examination in the laboratory, in accordance with the requirements of the government on the Customs Union’s technical regulations. It concerns the conversion of the engine to gas fuel, installation of racks, winches or tow bars etc.

In severtech, from July 1, is cancelled, the sign “Invalid” and the data about the car, managed or carrying a disabled person, should be made in the Federal register of persons with disabilities.