For Russians

the First batch of a new drug for the treatment of coronavirus – “Avifauna” — began to arrive in the Russian hospital. This effective drug is produced with the support of the Fund of direct investments. For Russians, the drug will be free.

Thirty-five regions of Russia will receive the drug “Aviewer” in June. It’s only about 60 thousand courses of medications from COVID-19. The first batch had already arrived in Leningrad oblast. The Deputy chief physician on medical work of the INSTITUTION LO “on Tikhvin hospital named after A. F. Kalmykova” Anastasia Kuryakin says: “Today finally we have received this medication. We will actively use it to treat patients with novel coronavirus infection.”

the drug was Taken in two hospitals in Veliky Novgorod — there has been a discharge of “Avifauna”. Each package is marked with an individual digital code, and to verify the authenticity of medicines using the mobile app, the “Honest sign”.

Received the first batch of “Avifauna” and in medical institutions of Tatarstan. Doctors are ready to work with the new medicine. The Deputy Minister of health of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Yarkaeva said: “Today he has sent to the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, in a clinic in Kazan. The drug is used in medium and heavy forms of coronavirus infection. Safety profile it is confirmed in clinical trials.”

to Treat coronavirus “Avifauna” will soon start in the Kirov region. First Deputy Chairman of the regional government Dmitry Kurdyumov said: “We received the first batch of 600 packages, which will be distributed among all infectious hospitals, and all in need of this drug, the patients will receive.”

“Avidavit” is based on the antiviral medication “Favipiravir”. This drug is well understood, in Japan it is used in 2014 for the treatmetion of severe forms of influenza. One of the main achievements of “Avifauna” — reducing the duration of illness by half. The biologically active material inhibits the reproduction of a number of viruses.

last week, a meeting of Vladimir Putin with CEO of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev, who reported to the President about the production of the drug “Aviewer” and the prospects for its widespread use.

“as drugs. As you know, in the beginning there were no medicines to combat the coronavirus, and we focused on finding the most effective drugs that would help our doctors to protect the citizens. In conjunction with the company “Chemrar” we are on equal basis in record time created a company that began to produce “Avidavit”. It is a drug that inhibits the replication of the virus. The health Ministry last week registered the drug, he became the first in Russia, was the drug against the coronavirus,” — said Kirill Dmitriev, the head of state.

However, in a free market “Aviewer” until you do — it will be administered by physicians in the treatment in the hospital. Specialists are currently carrying out the final stage of clinical trials medications. It involved 330 patients from different cities of Russia. Meanwhile, RDIF said that if necessary, ready to increase the production of “Avifauna” up to 2 million courses a year.