For swearing Verzilov got 15 days

Guilty of disorderly conduct. This decision was made by petty-bourgeois court of Moscow against the publisher of the Internet project “media zones” and the participant art-groups “War” Peter Verzilova. He was arrested for 15 days.

According to preliminary data, Peter Verzilov was preparing some kind of action on June 24, the day when Moscow will host a Victory Parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war. But not for that Verzilova punished, but for the fact that swearing on 21 June at the entrance to the metro station “Krasnoselskaya” and 500 metres from OVD “Krasnoselsky”, where he was questioned by investigators, reports TASS.

Guilt Verzilova defined by part 2 of article 20.1. The code of administrative offences of Russian Federation (“hooliganism, combined with disobedience to a lawful demand of a representative of authority or any other person acting on public order protection or a person preventing breach of public order”).

on the Morning of 21 June Peter Verzilova was arrested in his Moscow apartment. He was taken in for questioning under articles 212 and 318 of the Russian Criminal code (“Organization of mass riots” and “violence against a representative of power”). From testimony Verzilov refused, citing article 51 of the Russian Constitution. The article allows not to give testimony against themselves. Also in the case Verzilova was searched the apartment of the owner of the Moscow Museum “АРТ4” Igor Markina in the Museum.