For the 10th anniversary of the TV channel

the Most beautiful places of Russia showed in the Sheremetyevo. In the art gallery, the airport opened a photo exhibition “My planet. 10 years.”

To this date the channel was selected the best work of television viewers-travelers. Here, natural monuments, unique landscapes and areas related to important historical events.

Among the images: the Land of Franz Joseph, Sakhalin, the Republic of Altai and Dagestan, Moscow and the Crimea Republic.

the Project is timed to the 10th anniversary of the TV channel “My planet” in the air, reports “Russia 24”. The exhibition will be open to everyone until mid-February. Previously similar projects have already appeared in the subway in Nizhny Novgorod, the airports of Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Simferopol and Novosibirsk.

“I hope that foreigners now flying out of the country, will be inspired to come back and discover a new Russia. It will be very good. I hope it will turn out. And for this month, which will be a show, I think dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of people pass by, you see, and some thought they will rise, will begin to boil like something in their brain. And I hope that we thus promote Russia opened it together again,” — said the chief editor of TV channel “My planet” Nicholas Tabachnikov.