For the exam attracted a neural network

on 3 July in Russia started Unified state examination — EGE. The pandemic coronavirus beginning of the final certification of pupils was delayed more than a month. But according to the schedule of examinations, all graduates wishing to apply to universities, will, in time to begin classes on September 1. And sanitary measures in the exams is unprecedented.

the first day passed geography, science, and literature. The results will be known within two weeks. But this year’s graduates receive their first assessment at entrance — in degrees. And this is not an empty formality. In the Sverdlovsk region, for example, due to the increased temperature of five students before the first exam are not allowed. Now they will take the exam in reserve days.

across the country during the exam will work 12 thousand doctors. Masks, gloves, antiseptics, social distance are provided. This is the ABC of security for the school in 2020, say the organizers of the exams.

“We are ready to Unified state examination — compliance with all epidemiological norms established by the Rospotrebnadzor”, — said Aybulat Khazhyn, Minister of education of Bashkortostan Republic.

Only, perhaps, the nuance mask. Graduates can wear if you don’t want. But organizers and observers — no exceptions. Even the Minister of education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov, who in the first day the exam was in the Altai, in the mask talked about how affected the conduct of the voting in preparation for the exam.

“had no effect. On the contrary, those measures of PPE, which were used on-site voting will be used during the exam, including thermometry, which is one of the conditions,” — said Kravtsov.

Before the exam all the rooms disinfected. Divorced and flows of the school staff. Those who had secured the vote, not working for the exam and Vice versa.

remain Unchanged the feelings of those who donate, and those who just came out of the audience. Also on the same level is maintained total control for the potential violations. Usual cameras are installed in every classroom and in the headquarters of the organizers of the exam. What is happening in real time analyze in the situational centers of the regions.

Watching, by the way, not only people, but also the neural network. Artificial intelligence analyzes unusual behavior and sends a signal to people, and they already decide on the spot whether a violation or is it just temperament and nerves.

“In a difficult year, they take exams, waiting more than a month, being in isolation, the fourth quarter, when to see the teacher was only possible in a remote format. This release is a seasoned life and in the future, we hope, will be the pride of our country”, — said Anzor Muzaev, the acting head of the Federal service for supervision in education and science.

Records from the cameras is stored for 4 years — exactly as the actual exam. So in case of doubt, they can be reviewed. Cyber security also on the level. Job flash drives or disks are printed directly in the classroom. But the danger can come from not waiting.

to Protect the exam from drafts need almost more than hackers. And if a sharp gust of wind swept the leaves, then piece together a kit is impossible. And the only way to assign the exam to another standby day.

to Pass the exam this year will be 714 thousand graduates. 6 July will begin with a mass exam on the Russian language. To comply with the new health regulations will be conducted in two days – 6th and 7th of July.

Text: “News of the week”