For the ride in the trailer with the bathroom and foam Kostroma arrested for 5 days

the Young man who rode in the trailer with the bathroom in the center of Kostroma, arrested for five days. A driver of a car with a trailer was already two protocols for traffic violations.

according to GTRK “Kostroma”, the day before, on 16 June in the Central streets of the regional center was riding the car in the trailer, which had a bathtub and the foam half-naked man. The trip was short — the police stopped the fun train and fined. The driver of the car got as much as two fines for the wrong. the transportation of people and thick window tint. A friend in the bathroom opened an administrative case under article “small hooliganism”.

Considering the fact that latest in March, was cited for disorderly conduct — he went outside the bus, clinging to the external staircase, the court decided to arrest him.

Text: GTRK “Kostroma”