Forbidden love and the fight for freedom: the TV series

She – the woman with the manners of the young ladies, speaks French, but she meets a cruel landowner is rude and in Russian. He is cynical and narcissistic hero of the Crimean war, tempting the pride of the protagonist. The story of a forbidden and largely tragic love of a serf, and nobleman in the era of ladies, gentlemen and languid promenades will show “Russia 1”.

This story brings us back to the distant past. The middle of the XIX century, magnificent balls, the manor house and back of this beautiful era — the life of the serfs. The heroine is the young actress Kateryna Kovalchuk, an orphan, the daughter of serfs, which was brought up in the landlord’s house as a young lady. Good the landowner in the performance of Yulia Aug taught her to play the piano, to dance, to read French. Gave the girl everything except the most important — freedom.

But what made docile kitty to break free? Unequal love between the noble landowner and the simple peasant, cowardly rival, who seemed to be a loyal friend. Make heroes with all the trials and can win the fight for love and freedom, will see the audience of the TV channel “Russia 1”. The TV series “Fortress” — on the air from 6 January.