Home Breaking Forecaster said the weather for the June long weekend

Forecaster said the weather for the June long weekend

Forecaster said the weather for the June long weekend

this week of Russians expect long weekend – June 12, Friday, the Day of Russia. The weather for the upcoming weekend Вестям.Ru said a leading specialist of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene Tiscover.

According to the weathermen, now in Moscow and Moscow region the air temperature exceeds the climatic norm, but the weekend will return

“this week we will be under the Western wing of the anticyclone, so hot, muggy with temperatures 6-8 degrees above normal; at night, 13-18 degrees, in the afternoon – 26-31” – said Tiscover. However, due to increased humidity and warming of the air in the afternoon will form cumulonimbus clouds, so rain is possible, but in some places not more than 10% of the territory.

This situation will not persist for long: already on June 12, the expected passage of a cold atmospheric front, which will be accompanied by fleeting showers and thunderstorms. This will lower temperatures up to the average. By the weekend, night temperatures will be 10-15 degrees, and the day – 19-24.

“For the holidays will be comfortable, will blow a refreshing Scandinavian type of weather conditions. On Friday, I go short thunderstorms, and Saturday, possible local rain in the night, and on Sunday it will be Sunny already,” said Tiscover.

as for the second half of June, the Central Russia it will be quite comfortable with a moderate temperature background, says the forecaster.

“Positive temperature anomaly is reduced, the temperature almost corresponds to norm, – concluded the expert. – I don’t see any extreme heat and extreme cold. The second half of June will be more stable than what we saw in the first half.”

In early June, the cyclone has brought to Moscow of extreme rainfall. One only Moscow has poured 146 millimetres of rain is three the may and June almost two norm.