Forever young Midshipman Dmitry Haratyan - 60

Congratulations takes Dmitry Kharatyan: hard to believe, but he turned 60. A telegram to people’s artist of Russia sent the President. A multifaceted talent, charm and dignity, ability to be reliable in different papers for this Haratyan and loved by millions of viewers. But the real fame actor brought the legendary “midshipmen”.

Is my grandfather Oleg, this is his father, my grandfather’s brother, who was a Midshipman.

His great-grandfather, a noncommissioned officer in the Russian Imperial Navy, served on the legendary battleship “Petropavlovsk”. When in the 88th Haratyan began shooting the film “midshipmen, forward!” and played Alyosha Korsak, he didn’t realize that the student of the naval school was actually his great-grandfather.

“But then, in their 26-27 years old, I didn’t know that. And then, after a while, I realized that it’s probably some call of the wild, maybe — I think they helped me somehow, my guardian angels,” he says.

Destiny had guarded Kharatyan throughout his creative biography. The first fame came at school: the film “Drawing” in 16 years, made him famous all over the Union. And even in the hard times, when there was already not enough Kharatyan remained in the movie in lead roles.

His characters are hopeless romantics, idealists in the eternal search for meaning, the valiant defenders of the Motherland. But even the bullies in his performance look Goodies. Dmitry Haratyan played more than 100 roles in films.

“In that moment, when we met, no one imagined this thin, shy and not very self-assured young artist. And these are his first songs was immediately struck by all” — says people’s artist of Russia, film Director Svetlana Druzhinina.

“He doesn’t age, despite the fact that he is already 60. He can play for young people — most importantly, the soul of the young,” says people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky.

Dmitry Kharatyan, quinaprilate which grew more than one generation, now manages its theatrical school cadets, and starred in the fourth and fifth parts of the epic about the valiant naval officers.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”