Forgotten allies: revelations of a Soviet General

According to some, in 1945, the pass for the Victory Parade on red square in Moscow was discharged to the General and from the only Eastern European country that liberated itself without its territory consisted of troops of any of their allies. But there landed the scouts. At once Soviet, and British. Then with the country from Moscow was tender friendship. But then burst into such wild conflict that was forgotten and something to be proud of. So what country is it?

In July 1947, the General returned to Moscow, and it specifically led to the stadium “Dynamo” during the festival, so more people saw it. And then on the podium the photo was taken, which many would now probably prefer to forget.

so, in this photo, Stalin and General of Albania. His name was Enver Hoxha. In the same visit he was handed a commander of the Soviet order of Suvorov I degree. He relied for the following: for the well-organized and carried out the front or army operation, in which smaller forces were defeated by the numerically superior enemy. It’s just about Albania, where the Nazis are able to smash the guerrillas.

One of them is still alive. “I, as a teenager joined one of the guerrilla groups, and then the squad became the 19th partisan shock brigade”, — said Yana of Kicho of Lupi, Soviet General-Albanian.

Why is this Albanian so well speaks Russian and dressed in Soviet uniform? We’ll have to look into this mountainous country, where we will reveal this mystery, but until then…

Where the hell is Albania? Look at a map of the entire Mediterranean and on the Adriatic coast we find a small country opposite of Italy and between Greece and countries of the former Yugoslavia, which Europe’s only managed to free herself. Although, of course, not without the parachuting back to the Soviet military mission in the years of our friendship with Albania was even filmed awesometion of the joint Soviet-Albanian feature film, almost immediately put on the shelf.

In fact, the name of the major intelligence Agency of the red Army, which played a future Sukhov, was not Andreyev, and Ivanov. But essentially it does not change. To be precise, the mayor has established with Albania military transmissions as Sovinformburo’ve heard in a long time.

“We knew and rejoiced when the Red Army defeated five of the fascist armies at Stalingrad. For us, it was a great holiday. We realized that we are winning,” — says Yana of Kicho of Lufi.

we note one subtlety. Our new friend was surrounded in Stalingrad was called “the Germans” and “Nazis”. It is much more accurate. Except field Marshal Paulus and his German troops in the Stalingrad cauldron were other aggressors: Hungarians, Romanians and even fellow Slavs the Croats.

“Albania in all ages has always been with Russia. In the First world war and the Second. Unlike its neighbors Bulgarians and Croats. They always somehow, though Slavs, and fought with the enemies of Russia. The Albanian people are simple and nice,” said Yana of Kicho of Lufi.

Albania’s Occupation by the Nazis-by the Italians in 1939 went almost effortlessly: the Italians declared Albania as its protectorate, its army — part of their. Well, except that Albanian General spiru Moisiu ordered his soldiers not to obey. But a significant part of the elite swore invaders. Why?

the Italians promised to join the Albanian land, inhabited by ethnic Albanians into neighboring Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and especially Kosovo. Even then, in Kosovo.

In the middle of the field, the Albanian match has tried to return then British intelligence. British secret service sabotage and Subversion, which was called SOI, planted their officers in Albania in 1940. But then, and then the British are not very good at organization capable of the Albanian partisan movement. The fact is – at-presentoedema partisan movement in Albania, turned back when business was entered by the Communists.

Lenin — that someone in Albania respected by all. The fact that, in accordance with the Decree on peace, the Bolsheviks disclosed secret treaties of the tsarist government, one of which was devoted to the section on Albania. The publication of this Treaty Soviet Russia ruined the plan.

“In the great war, the Second world war, the Albanians responded since the war began against the Soviet Union”, — said Yana of Kicho of Lufi.

But where did their leader Enver Hoxha, who in a matter of months built an organized party-the core of the resistance? Before the war he was trained in Moscow.

From the secret instructions for the Albanians made the Comintern 3 Nov 1938 года6 “the Struggle against Italian fascism has to be linked with the struggle against German fascism, is its ally.”

Importantly, even when the Bolsheviks themselves were sinning all sorts of secret protocols, even after the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact this regulation in respect of Albania has not been canceled. But when, soon after Stalingrad Italy out of the war and her place in Albania, the Germans landed, then came the affair, which still awaits final declassification.

Many in England still sincerely believe that the rapid loss of Albanian games in Britain in 1944 and entering of Albania in the Soviet zone of influence associated with the fact that Soviet spy the Mole worked in the division of British intelligence, which was responsible for Albania. So is this really the case?

Relevant archives are still closed. The dry residue was: “the General staff of the Albanian guerrilla people’s liberation army was a Soviet mission. They coordinate. Nothing went spontaneously. This was told Yana of Kicho of Lufi.

In the Soviet-Albanian feature film was all outlined quite briefly: here in Albania once again trying to land the British, at close RAsmotreniya shows that in fact the shooting involved boats and the sailors of the Soviet black sea fleet, which before the breakup of the Soviet-Albanian relations opened in Albania database. But the British met and the guerrillas and their Soviet friend.

But Stalin Hoxha adopted internal rules. Having been with Stalin at the stadium “Dynamo”, their intrigues were woven already and Enver Hoxha. He tried to get alone to communicate with Stalin, individually to get all the awards, and in the first years after the war, tried to do everything possible to erase from people’s memory the names of the other characters.

“He was a Commissar, a political Commissar, Secretary of the Communist party. And he worked on the party. But the role of the military man performed other General Spiro Moisiu. He was the chief of the General staff and in charge of all military actions”, — said Yana of Kicho of Lufi.

just as Zhukov, after the victory of Stalin was quickly “pushed” and General Moisiu. He soon found himself out of work. Well, not shot, as many others. And Hodge in early 1945 marries a young partisan with whom they “deliver” their environment from all potential rivals. First quarrel with the USSR: will be closed all joint projects, including joint films.

From the speech of Nikita Khrushchev at the XXI Congress of the CPSU: “All that dirty that we had in the period of the personality cult, all of this is in the worst form is manifested in the Albanian Party of labor. Now already for anybody not a secret that Albanian leaders hold on to power, resorting to violence and tyranny.”

After the death of Mao Zedong the ruling Albanian couple to quarrel with China, and turned his country into a pariah state, where each family had to build himself a bunker.

just when it all began, at school in the USSR was our hero-partisans. “My fate has led recalls Yana of Kicho of Lufi. — I didn’t agree with the policy Albanskoon leadership, and for that, I began to pursue. And I began to seek support from the Soviet government.”

Today he lives in retirement in Krasnodar. On a military pension. Remaining in the USSR, in the Soviet army he was promoted to major General. And could only marvel at the fact that in his homeland Hodge portrayed as an intellectual giant, before whom trembled the dwarfs: by the Albanian Communist terminology — “gang of Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Solzhenitsyn.” When Hoxha died, and soon in Albania came revelations of his “cult of personality”, which resulted in the fact that, according to some information, the plate with the grave of Khodja went to the monument to the British forces. It was heroes. But the story is still more complicated. And it should, at least, to know.