Former Obama aide: US actually declared war on Iran

Former Obama aide on the Middle East, the President of the “International crisis group,” Robert Malley believes that the States, having launched a missile attack on Baghdad and killing the General Soleimani, has effectively declared war on Iran.

the Head of special forces “Quds” Iranian revolutionary guards General Qasem Soleimani was killed by a rocket strike near the airport of Baghdad, reminds RIA Novosti. He stepped off the plane at the moment of impact. He killed the General and his entourage. Body Soleimani was identified by the ring on his finger. The Pentagon said that the attack on Baghdad was made by order of the trump. The President of the United States in response to events at night posted on his Twitter the image of the American flag.

the UN noted that the deliberate murder of the General was most likely illegal. It violates international humanitarian law, said the UN special Rapporteur on the issues of extrajudicial killings Agnes Kallamar.

#Pentagon statement on targeted killing of #suleimani: 1. It mentions that it aimed at “deterring future Iranian attack plans”. This however is very vague. Future is not the same as imminent which is the time based test required under international law. (1)

— Agnes Callamard (@AgnesCallamard) January 3, 2020