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Former official shot down a child and sued in the family for 120 thousand rubles

Former official shot down a child and sued in the family for 120 thousand rubles

Former official of the Ministry of education of the Murmansk region, brought down the child at an intersection, sued his family 120 thousand rubles. The incident took place in 2018, however, the parties met in court a year later, and the controversy is still far from complete.

according KP.ru, a former employee of the Ministry of education, which also oversaw children’s safety on the roads, knocked down a 12-year-old boy as they rode on the bike with a dirt road on the asphalt. The boy suffered a broken jaw and a concussion and lost several teeth. On the official’s car was left scratched, had a broken mirror.

the Parents of a cyclist decided not to sue, focusing on the treatment of the child. In the end, the motorist she took them to court and demanded compensation for damages. The court took her side, did not accept the results of the examination provided by the family of the victim. Examination conducted by a private company, but the representatives of the downed child and his family believe that it is the most accurate.

the Former official claims that went through the territory of a horticultural society to the maximum permitted speed is 20 kilometers per hour. Experts also believe that she accelerated to 50 miles per hour. In addition, the protection of the child victim said that in the place where the collision occurred, the benefits are pedestrians and bicyclists.

However, in 2019 guilty in the incident found the boy. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Murmansk region said that the child has violated a traffic rule, according to which children under 14 years of age can ride the bike only on sidewalks and paths.

the Family of a child with such judgment does not agree and plans to appeal.

In early may it was reported about road accident with participation of minors in Buryatia. There the Vice-speaker of the Republican Parliament was suspected of hitting on 17-year-old student. The girl died. The accident occurred in early January, but in may, investigators were able to indict the officer.