Former Prosecutor of Moscow Sergey Kudeneyev evicted from service apartments

Former Moscow Prosecutor Sergei Kudeneyev leaves service apartment after a long litigation. Luxury apartment in a luxury building in the South-West of the capital he won in 2011.

the Apartment, which the Prosecutor identified the state, is one of four high-rise gated residential complex. This house with panoramic Windows on the upper floors — terraces on the territory of several restaurants. There is a pond and a small Park where deer live manual.

Sergei Kudeneyev family held a service apartment with area of 124 square meters. Interestingly, in retirement, he is gone in 2015 after the scandal. Metropolitan Prosecutor then allegedly tried to intercede for a friend who has under investigation. Corruption Kudreeva not charged, but recommended to resign, which he did, reminds TV channel “Russia 24”. But cozy apartment in a picturesque place, the Prosecutor to leave and did not want another 5 years he lived there with his family at the expense of the state until, until the court restored justice.