Forum in Davos: the results of the first day

In Davos, Switzerland ended the first day of the fiftieth world economic forum. Discussing trade, environment, geopolitics, technology development. In total, the forum was attended by 118 countries and many global business leaders.

it Was announced three main themes: the environment, cybersecurity and the slowdown in economic growth. On the eve of the IMF published its forecast for the year 2020 and in the medium term. The Fund sees moderate slowdown in the global economy (3.3 per cent), Russia forecast is left unchanged (up 1.9%).

the head of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev says that this figure can be raised slightly.

“We believe that growth this year will be about two percent, maybe a little higher. But a year later is quite realistic to an increase of three percent. All the prerequisites for that, including the experience of the Prime Minister mishustina, when he very effectively rebuilt on, focusing the service on the implementation of clear performance indicators. This experience will help ensure that the government fulfilled the tasks set by the President. And in fact, for these tasks we need growth of 3% plus,” he said.

Us President Donald trump flew to Davos in a helicopter and boasted of the successes of the national economy. He said that during his presidency there were created seven million jobs that the economy is now in complete order, and stock markets in big plus due to the soft monetary policy of the Federal reserve.

trump even told about us liquefied natural gas is loaded into tankers and floats on the oceans, and while he swims he is traded, so the tankers can change the direction and go either to Europe or to Asia. He hinted that the partners of the United States do not buy gas from hostile States.

“Thanks to our success in the energy sector, we do not have to buy energy from hostile Nations. Today all the abundance of us gas is available to exports. So our European partners are no longer dependent on gas supplies from hostile States. We call upon our friends in Europe go to our gas and guarantee, thus, energy security”, he said.

with regard to cybersecurity, the “Russian house” took place the debate about tokenization. Is the field that replaces the values in the form of tokens and digital wrappers that are not available to hackers. And this area will be implemented, including the exploration, mineral extraction, and this will allow us to increase investment in the industry, where no one really wanted to go large investors.

“Venture capital funds been reluctant in the exploration business, especially in the early stages, — says Sergey Gorkov, Chairman of the Board of “Rosgeologia”. – Tokenization is a solution that allows early to start investing in new businesses. Hundreds of millions of dollars. In Russia about three thousand licenses issued for different types of deposits. This is a good opportunity of attracting investments to Russia.”

in the Morning there was a plenary discussion about the safety of the banking system. Last year, Sberbank had a lot of DDOS attacks, and in the beginning of this year, the attack was 30 times more powerful than the previous. At the time of the attacks, the Bank is weakened, falling not only its shares, but the hackers the opportunity to launch a new virus that will steal customer information. However, creating new programs for the protection of personal data.