Found a treasure of one million dollars, in search of which killed several people

In the United States, an event occurred which dreamed many treasure hunters — discovered treasures of the collector and Vietnam war veteran Forrest Fenno. Adventurer hid the valuable treasure chest in the Rocky mountains. The cost of the treasure is estimated at more than a million dollars.

On the finding, according to CBS News, referring to the fenna. The collector said that he was contacted by an unknown man and announced the discovery of a bronze chest. As evidence of the treasure hunter sent a photo. The number of treasure gold coins, jewelry, precious stones.

According to Forrest Fenno, the unknown might find his buried treasure thanks to the poem written by him. Rows contain clues that may lead to the treasure.

the Collector noted that he is both happy and sad because the search is over. According to Fenno, he hid the treasure trove to entice people to dive into the world of wildlife, adventure.

Some in search of the treasure paid for the gamble with his life. Know at least four dead. The police repeatedly called Forrest fenna to stop his intended action.