Found flight recorders of the crashed in Kazakhstan passenger plane

On Board crashed Friday near Alma-ATA aircraft Fokker-100 Kazakh airline Bek Air were four foreign citizens, including citizens
Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and China, they are all alive, “Interfax”.

As reported in the victims of the crash were 12 people, including the commander of the crew. The list of victims was published by the Ministry of health of the Republic. 49 of the victims were hospitalized, 12 of them in serious condition.

All on Board were 98 people, including 5 crew members. The Russians were not among them. The crash happened early in the morning. The plane Fokker-100 airline Bek Air flying from Almaty to Nur-Sultan. During takeoff it lost altitude, struck a concrete fence, crashed into an empty two-story building and fell. To determine the reasons for a government Commission, which had already arrived on the scene.

the interior Ministry of Kazakhstan has started pre-trial investigation under the article “Violation of rules of operation of air transport”. Both flight recorders are found, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent the President a telegram of condolence in connection with the crash. Saturday in the Republic declared a day of mourning.