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Researchers from Yale University first year study the mechanisms behind the development of type II diabetes. Recently they have found a way that has the potential to “turn off” this disease.

Recall that the type II diabetes the human body does not produce enough insulin (the hormone that allows cells to absorb glucose and produce energy) or develops resistance (resistance) to it. As a result the content of glucose in the blood is increasing, which can lead to serious health problems — organ damage or heart disease.

In two recent works, experts have found that the method by which, presumably, you can stop the development of type II diabetes, effective in the treatment of liver fibrosis. But about all under the order.

In the first study, they have carefully studied a recently discovered connection between the behavior of the body during fasting (e.g., during sleep) and development of type II diabetes.

it turned Out that fasting includes the process by which two important protein TET3 and HNF4a — accumulate in the liver and increase the production of glucose in the blood.

Should a healthy person to get out of the starvation mode as this process is terminated. But patients with diabetes of the second type is the “switch” does not work, with the result that glucose continues to accumulate in the blood.

Experts suggested that if lower levels of these proteins, the development of diabetes will be brought under control. To confirm their hypothesis, the scientists conducted a series of experiments.

They Packed inside the virus genetic material called siRNA. The latter was aimed at TET3 or HNF4a. The researchers then implemented this “matryoshka” in mice.

This treatment reduced the number of proteins and, most importantly, the level of glucose in the blood. As a result, the development of diabetes was stopped.

In the second study, researchers examined the role of TET3 protein in the development of liver fibrosis. We are talking about the process by which body cells are replaced by scar connective tissue. This condition can lead to cirrhosis.

it Turned out that TET3 plays a role in three different points along the signal pathway in fibrosis and acts as a stimulant for the development of the disease. In other words, drugs that can target these key proteins in the treatment of diabetes, can also be used for the treatment of fibrosis.

“To date, no effective drugs for the treatment of fibrosis,” notes co-author Suicheng Zhang (Zhang Xuchen). In this regard, the opening of scientists is of particular importance.

the Study of type II diabetes was published in Nature Communications, the results of the study fibrosis was presented in the publication Cell Reports.

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