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Four-legged clients “Aeroflot” has seriously damaged during the flight

Four-legged clients

“Organized to test the reports in the media about possible violations of the conditions of air transport of animals.” The reaction of the Russian transport Prosecutor’s office on two unpleasant stories involving animals on flights of “Aeroflot”.

One of them until just spins. The focus is the Dachshund, which was flying in the baggage compartment from Kamchatka to Moscow. And arrived at the destination in a terrible form. With highly bloated, festering eye. According to the hostess, and hit the cage during the flight. Therefore, the carrier does not provide adequate security.

but the second case is, without exaggeration, is booming all over Russia. Huge resonance around the post in the “Instagram” some of Christina Ilyicheva. Claims that her mother on arrival from the capital to Simferopol discovered your Akita inu in terrible condition. Lattice container was covered with “blood stains with dirt.”

while the dog himself, quote, “experienced the strongest stress, damaged mouth, gums and teeth.” And all because of the rules of the airline. Under which dogs or cats of medium and large dimensions can take into the cabin. Hence the complaint to the police. And requirements urgently revise the regulations.

This trip to the Crimean resorts year-old Kyle long will not forget. The dog is still afraid to be alone. An hour and a half in the air, without a master, for such a young dog can be a challenge. But the other option, but to fly on an airplane, according to the owners, they did not have. Before the flight, as it should be, consult with your veterinarian.

“Advance dog was accustomed to the carriage. She knew what it was like to sit, what is carrying. All is well, the dog understood, other types of transport the dog behaves appropriately. No tantrums and anything like that the dog was not observed,” says Christina Ilyichev, the owner of the dog.

At our disposal video surveillance from the airport of Simferopol. Vecamping the way from the plane to the landlady. The footage shows that the cell is well fortified and is not loose. The results to her cost carefully. That is, the injury the animal has received during the flight. Representatives of “Aeroflot” sure, the dog got spooked and hurt himself.

“I Can say from my own experience as a dog Walker with great experience, this, unfortunately, happens sometimes. The dog can damage the jaw and teeth when trying to get out of the cell. The flights are always stressful,” — said the official representative of airline “Aeroflot” Mikhail Demin.

This is not the first case of animals, which is featured in the company “Aeroflot”. We all remember the now legendary cat Basil, extra weight which has become a cause for scandal. And the tragic case of dead animals in Sheremetyevo airport, when the two cats froze in the Luggage compartment. Each time it resonates, discussion and most importantly, does not lead to any results. Passengers accused the carrier, the airline put the blame on the owners and reference to international rules.

“statistically, 83 per cent of citizens consider Pets members of their family. And they treat them accordingly. And airlines believe their Luggage. This, in my opinion, is not the appropriate attitude. Pet is not Luggage”, — said Vladimir Burmatov, head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection, the author of the law “About responsible treatment of animals”.

each year in the Russian aircraft carrying nearly two hundred thousand Pets. The salon only the most miniature, or guide dogs. Large animals have to be sedated, to take the Luggage and hope for a miracle. Born to bark and meow, of course you can fly, but often do not really want.

“I would recommend that if a large animal, then leave it in the better hotels, in the home or relatives to ask. And even if a small animal, I always recommend to call PErevanchism, the rules are different”, says Vladislav Kostylev, veterinarian, candidate of veterinary Sciences.

most owners resent the weight limit. If the cage and animal weigh more than eight kilograms, it means the pet is equivalent to an inanimate suitcase, flying in the baggage compartment. The owners are happy to pay for a separate seat in the cabin, but it’s against the rules. At the same time, prices even for flights in the Luggage compartment of the domestic companies some of the most expensive in the world.

“Pets are not transported free of charge. As your hand baggage. It’s all paid. Moreover, in times above, than abroad. If the airline takes charge — it needs to provide quality service. It only about that and not about the blurring of the boundaries or unjustified criticisms of the airline”, — says Ilya Zotov, Chairman of the “all-Russian Union of passengers”, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

Now, Kyle along with the hosts resting on the sea. To have legal proceedings with “Aeroflot” the owners are not going to experience of previous cases shows that it is useless. Back in Moscow there will go already on the car. It may be longer, but the pet calmer.