France: new year riots have become a tradition

hundreds of motorists in France and in neighboring Belgium was left without their cars. In the first days of the new year they burned the vandals. Set on fire with firecrackers right on the Parking in front of houses. But the main blow fell on the Strasbourg — were burned more than 200 cars at once. Already detained four dozen suspects.

the Roar of firecrackers and fireworks merged into one continuous rumble, which was not to distinguish between the sounds of police cars, no fire sirens. The night not only in Brussels and Liege, but in Paris, Strasbourg turned out to be “hot”. Burned everything: garbage cans, motorcycles, cars.

“We took to the streets at midnight. My son said it’s like war. Really, it was like a war,” — says a local resident.

“This was the first time a disaster compared to previous years! Earlier set fire to one or two cars for fun, but this year it’s a disaster!” — outraged the other.

was Operating mostly underage, and often come from other areas to your then not caught. In the end, to catch them had guards. One of the hundreds of detainees was barely 10 years old.

If in Russia a Christmas tradition — this salad “Olivier” and fireworks, then in France are burning cars. The next morning after the celebrations, the inhabitants go out to the Parking lot and see a picture here: all strewn with the skeletons of cars.

That’s how the Park looked at night. Witnesses removed from the window. And here is how the Park looks during the day. The owners roam around the wasteland, trying to assess the damage.

“It is in any gate not climbing!” — is the car owner. — She melted! The most insulting that I had to take time off from work to do that.”

Further calls to the insurance, paperwork and the festive mood is already ruined. Tow truck waiting for hours — too many calls.

“today We have taken already about 30 burned cars in our garage, and it’s not the end, work all day,” says the tow truck driver Nicolas Karan.

the Police asking them to send any video to identify the perpetrators, because to calculate them at night was extremely difficult — in suburbs police do not favor. Seven guards were wounded.

“We are faced with the classical behavior. For police and fire ambush, they fired, these people behaved very arrogantly and criminally dangerous,” — says the Director of the Department of public security of area of Lower Rhine in France Annie Bregal.

Donald trump did not miss the moment to “pin” Emmanuel Makron. Looking at the French conflagration, asked on Twitter, how’s Paris climate Treaty in which France is committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

the Police this time did not even call the numbers, but after talking with the locals it becomes obvious that this year such cars much more than they were in the past.

the Mayor of Strasbourg throws up his hands, it seemed to him that the situation is under control, but now he is forced to admit that there is a sharp jump in the growth of aggression and violence is mostly among the “new” French youth living in the suburbs of large cities, for which the holiday turns into another reason to Express their attitude to the French Republic.