France was not able to protect yourself from coronavirus

Such a terrible Chinese New year the world has ever known. Due to the coronavirus. In China itself has already killed more than 40 people and infected over 1,300. And now officially confirmed: the coronavirus has reached Europe.

the health Minister of the French Republic Agnes Busan throughout the day denied the possibility that the territory could get the people affected. Even quoted statistics: the probability of not more than 13%. But in the late afternoon she still had to admit: at least 3 cases of coronavirus in France are already confirmed.

“We quickly identified the first cases in France. Probably other cases will be revealed in the coming days. The authorities will do everything possible to contain the spread of the virus,” said Busen.

One of the cases is male 48 years. He recently returned from China. Was on a business trip. But at the same time drove to the Hubei province and the 11-million city of Wuhan, which is considered the source and focus of infection.

And those who have been in France, left China before the bans, and arrived in Europe with the characteristic symptoms are: high temperature, cough and shortness of breath. Male from Bordeaux, for example, did not go immediately to the doctor. According to some, he was in contact with two dozen other people, as you know, the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets and is very contagious. Now the man is in a separate room isolated, but it is possible that in Bordeaux in the near future will be identified, new cases.

In France now earned the special service that comes to the patient’s home, conducting a survey and then makes the decision on hospitalization in the case of a positive result for coronavirus. The second case of the disease in Paris. About the patient, little is known, only that the man also arrived from China, in the same province, and now it is also isolated and kept in separate Palathose.