My Night at Maud’s, The Thief, Belle de Jour…Françoise Fabian is an icon of French cinema, she has starred in many great films now considered classics by many film fans.

In the industry, the actress’ talent is no longer in doubt and is recognized by all of her peers. Arthouse films or crazy comedies, her acting sublimes all the roles she plays.

Throughout the first part of her career, she distinguished herself in all genres alongside immense directors like Louis Malle, Éric Rohmer and Luis Buñuel.

But France is not the only country to have had the chance to benefit from his talent. Indeed, she was also able to export her career to Italy, where she collaborated with big names in cinema like Mauro Bolignini or Salvatore Maira.

Later, at the beginning of the 2000s, Françoise Fabian turned more towards French comedy and thus played in films such as LOL, The first name or Les hommes et Guillaume, à table! all of which were great successes.

But it was not cinema that revealed his talent. Indeed, before appearing on the big screen, she graced the stages of numerous theaters. Les Femmes Savantes, Le Misanthrope, the actress lent her features to characters from the greatest classics of French theater.

Although she instead turned to cinema at one point in her career, she never abandoned her love for the theater and continued to perform on stage in plays of all kinds.

Passionate about singing and music, Françoise Fabian even released an album in 2018, simply named after her own name.

Famous for her beauty in her youth, the actress is preparing to celebrate her 91st birthday. This is what she looks like today.