Free exhibition of more than 130 young artists headed for the cities of Bashkiria

“My little homeland: past, present and future” was among the best in the competition of presidential grants of Russian. The result was an exhibition of young artists, to visit which everyone can absolutely free. Galina Zavadnikov looked at pictures and talked with their authors.

Portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Oil, pastel and graphics. A variety of work can be seen in the creative space “Art square”. Here is the exhibition which was the result of the contest, which was more than six months. More than 130 young artists from Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Kyrgyzstan sent their applications for participation in the project “My little homeland: past, present, future”. The jury selected 30 winners in 6 nominations: “Genre picture. Favorite house, yard, street, town, Landscape of his native land”, “Portrait”, “still-life in ethnic style”, “Poetry of the small homeland” and “Artistic inspiration”.

Liana Mkrtchyan was born in Yerevan, but 13 years of living in Ufa. Her painting “the Bashkir honey” was one of the best. One of the most impressive works in the exhibition — a picture of Kim Khabibullin “Price of life”. The artist said that often walks through his neighborhood in search of inspiration and nature.

Marsel Khafizov wrote a collective image of the veteran. His great-grandfather fought in the great Patriotic war, but the artist never saw it. On the canvas — shapes the war dead.

Every job deserves special attention. In each there is something to consider. Look at all these works can be anyone — the entrance to the exhibition is free. In Ufa, she will stay until February 10, and then travel through the cities of Bashkiria, the first in the queue — Birsk, GTRK “Bashkortostan”.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”