Friend millionaire Epstein faces 35 years for trafficking in minors

the United States arrested a possible accomplice of disgraced financier and banker Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell. She, according to investigators, helped to seduce underage girls. However, the Maxwell pleaded not guilty.

58-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite daughter of media Mogul with a huge list of influential friends. And now accomplice on the high-profile American financier Jeffrey Epstein. She was charged immediately for 6 points. The maximum possible sentence of 35 years.

“This occurred from 1994 to 1997. Maxwell helped Jeffrey Epstein to bring girls as young as 14 years old, in his house. And there were many, many victims who have been subjected to violence in this house” — said the criminal lawyer, lawyer CBS News Ricky Kliman.

the couple was well-established pattern of search. First, Maxwell tried to make friends with girls. Then called in a cafe or in the movies. Then, as if by chance, wound up the conversation on sexual themes. Then using pressure persuaded the minor victim to reach. However, according to the police, Maxwell not only “worked through” the facility in the future through conversations, but also personally attended and even participated in the abuse.

“Maxwell seducing underage girls, forcing them to trust themselves and then sent them directly into the trap that they prepared in advance with Epstein. She pretended to be a decent woman that you can trust. All this time she persuaded them to sexual violence,” said acting U.S. attorney for the southern district of new York, Audrey Strauss.

Involved in this story was the member of the Royal family — the Duke of York Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth. Will American law enforcement agencies or eliminatejust wanted to question him in the case of Epstein. The Prince has long been friends with the disgraced financier. However, the refused to give testimony.

Experts do not exclude that now he can be questioned. Not only as a witness.

“It will depend on what evidence the investigators found. Or get the testimony of those who have participated in collusion, or start a new interrogations, as was the case with Maxwell. So his status of a witness may change,” — says the partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP David Weinstein.

the Case of Epstein stretches since 2005. Then in Florida the court first turned to the mother of the minor and announced that the financier had abused her daughter. Later, these accusations were joined by other women. In the end, according to the investigation, Epstein brought to his mansion, where he committed violent acts, more than 40 girls. In 2019, he committed suicide in a prison in new York, and, it is suspected that he was helped to escape from life. Because the investigation is not finished: law enforcement authorities are looking for his accomplices, among whom are very rich and influential people.