From 1 July 67 regions of Russia will be opened for tourists

the Head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova said that from 1 July 67 regions of the country will be ready to receive tourists. In addition, the Agency expects the abolition of the mandatory reference in the sanatoriums about the lack of coronavirus.

According to the recommendations of the CPS, the tourists when staying in the resort has to provide a certificate about your health and that do not hurt COVID-19. Some hoteliers noted that such a condition may in some cases lead to cancellations of booked trips.

According to Zarina Doguzova, help, unfortunately, still necessary, but the Agency understand the redundancy of the rule. Currently is working hard to ensure that this rule was canceled. Doguzova promised to do everything to 1 July or in the near future such a requirement went away, TASS reported.

the Head of the Federal tourism Agency said that from July 1, starts the tourism in 67 regions of the country. During the first week of the next month the restrictions will continue to be made. The Agency understands that in early July the holiday season starts in most regions of the country.

Earlier it was reported that from July 1 start to open the borders Evrosoyuz. Russia and the United States are not included in this list. In total 18 countries.