From chess to Jesus Christ: the struggle of racial inequality overstepped reasonable

a New target of racial protests began chess. Australian fighters against inequality call to cancel the rule of the first move of the white pieces as offensive to blacks.

In the US, the number of broken monuments close to one hundred. Under threat — the famous four stone presidents in South Dakota. And in Britain are trying to rethink the racial identity of Christ. Who’s next on the hit list?

Author: Valentin Bogdanov

the Cultural revolution is sweeping across America, choosing bigger targets. That’s sights on mount Rushmore — one of the symbols of the United States. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the United States in the mountain range of the black hills was carved 19-foot bas-relief depicting the four presidents — Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. Built this for fourteen years and opened before the war.

the Mountain Rushmore these granite slopes began in 1930. They were named in honor of businessman Charles Rushmore, who first visited the area in the mid 19th century and allocated the first $ 5,000 on the monument. Now from time immemorial lived here the Indians of Lakota decided to remind that before the mountain was called the mountain six forefathers, who by the founding fathers are irrelevant.

“Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy, structural racism that still exists in our society. So with stealing the land of indigenous peoples, and then immortalizing the faces of white conquerors who committed genocide”.

the Mountain behind mount Rushmore promises to get the Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem

Is no longer the struggle for equality is a radical rewriting of our history. We in South Dakota do not support. It is a monument of national importance.

Threatened with demolition and the monument to Abraham Lincoln in Washington. Ironic that a monument to Lincoln, stretching her hand over the freed slave in the emancipation and even built on the money of the formerx slaves, but members of the movement Black Lives Matter annoying not the idea, and artistic expression. They then saw the superiority of the white race.

In Alaska antihero tried to appoint Alexander Baranov is the ruler of the Russian settlements in North America. At the open session of the city Council of the city of Sitka, the voices that statue Baranova allegedly offends the feelings of the indigenous peoples. When Baranova Sitka was called new Archangel. Found in the former Novo-Arkhangelsk, and those who the monument is ready to defend. They even came to the rally.

But Disney to protect there was nobody there. Racist declared a water attraction Splash Mountain, set in Disneyland. Theme based on the movie “Song of the South”, which, in turn, was based on the famous tales of uncle Remus Joel Harris. A book about the adventures of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox have long recorded in the racist works, now gathered 20 000 signatures for a ban of the attraction. It wants to replace with another, in the style of the cartoon “the Princess and the frog”, where everything is politically correct. Princess Tiana is black.

However, under the threat of far more serious things than cartoon characters. Trump is confident that the thugs encroach on the American identity:

— We talked about the monuments to Washington, Lincoln. Did you hear that they want to demolish and statues of Jesus? They want to destabilize our country.

the US President is afraid that soon to stand in the way of the vandals, which trump has openly called terrorists, no one will. The house of representatives, that is, the Democrats, approved a bill on police reform, which significantly limits the ability of the guards. Trump made it clear that the U.S. President may impose on the veto law. Now, when in America, the rampant crime, the introduction of the new rules can turn into chaos.

“In chickago worse now than in Afghanistan than in Honduras and Guatemala. We have many such cities. Look at Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore. All get mad when I say so, they say, is racism. But African-Americans come to me and say: “Thank you, sir, said about it.” To live in these cities anyway, that live in hell,” said Donald trump.

In Oakland, who referred to trump, voted for the abolition of the Department of school police.

liberals Minneapolis your entertainment. There has launched a flash mob, the essence of which is to not call the police in any case. The result is predictable — crept up the curve of robberies. White and not poor liberal men who, according to sociologists, is the main driving force of the protests and riots.

media Mogul Robert Johnson the first black billionaire in American history to have a joke on this topic. According to him, the demolition of monuments and ban films like rearranging the deck chairs on the deck of racial “Titanic” in the sense that African Americans with their real problems neither cold nor hot.

Author: Alexander Khabarov

the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby offers to rethink the image of Jesus Christ in the Anglican churches. We are talking about what the Savior are depicted in white, and it is not quite correct at present.

the Revision can begin in Canterbury Cathedral. The head of the Church of England does not exclude the fact that some of the statues compromised in the eyes of a dark-skinned flock and in the end they will have to be removed.

which gave the head of the Anglican Church, these reformist impulses, we can only guess. In Britain there was an initiative group which demands to change the design of the order of St Michael and St George. It depicts the scene of the strangulation of the devil. Fighters against racism she resembles the black American George Floyd, suffocating under the knee of a police officer.

Launched in the USA, the flash mob has penetrated all layers of British life. Lecturer, University of Cambridge Priyamvada Gopal believes that the necessary change in English language teaching:

— Decolonization in terms of training in any subject, but particularly with regard to the English language, which I teach, is to understand and to debunk the mythology.

Gopal famously wrote in his Twitter phrase “life is white don’t matter.” The publication she had to clean up, but in Cambridge she was promoted and appointed Professor.

One of the most prestigious British Eton College, where he studied twenty British Prime Ministers, has declared that intends to be decolonized its educational program and to hire more black teachers. The College emphasizes that this step prompted numerous complaints and letters to parents and students. One of the graduates, Nigerian writer Dilibe Onyeama, back in the 70s and published a book in which he described how he was here to hurt classmates. Current Director in front of him apologized and was invited to come. Onyeama agreed on the condition that this trip will pay the receiving party.

On the fourth channel of the British television even launched a new show, “School, which tried to end racism.” Children were divided into groups by ethnicity and inquired about conversations on race and privilege. This pressure one of the disciples could not resist. One even cried and ran away. The child did not understand why he during the program need to be separated from their classmates with a different skin color. It became clear that to participate in the TV show he had no reasons to think about racism.