From comedian to martyrs: Dolgopolov scared

“Tired of what in my country is so much hate, anger, so much of barbarism, so little empathy, and love” — Alexander Dolgopolov today’s tweet, which for some partial days turned from a pretty popular stand-up comedian in the Martyr and freedom fighter. The whole fuss began because of the complaints of a resident Orekhova-Zuevo, the interior Ministry is in fact possible, and this should be emphasized separately, insults the religious feelings of the artist during one of last year’s show, recorded on video and published on YouTube hosting. In other words, administrative or criminal proceedings is not even smell. It is only the standard test, which, however, did not prevent a certain category of the media to replicate statements about Dolgopolov, in his opinion, the domestic repressive legislation, censorship, crackdown and so on. Well, that’s logical for these characters, and, most importantly, ridiculously predictable sequel — check out Stendera from Russia. Where to go and what he wants?

Alexander had already compares himself with Brodsky, they say, the poet wanted to hijack a plane, and he just bought a ticket, but even if it is somehow risky. The former role of the Joker forgotten. New jacket romantic freedom fighter to fit on shoulders.

“we All understand that this is the beginning, in fact, repression. I’m really scared, and I’m sure will not be better — I have a problem,” said Dolgopolov.

He decided that the best solution to the problem of escape. And to the disappearance noticed in their social networks published almost five-minute treatment, a fragment of which sounded above. The comedian complained to the Russian government, which allegedly offended by his teeming mate jokes. To get louder, the lightning gave an interview to “Real time” — the project “Voices America”: “I came to the pages of the liberal media. To communicate with other authorized my lawyer.”

“He’s a little bit going through this. When all enter into the legal mainstream, then he will consider the issue of return,” — said the lawyer Dolgopolov, Leonid Solovyov.

His moaning Dolgopolov continued on Twitter, where he collected many words of support. For example, blogger Khovanskii spoke in defense of his virtual colleagues, but other artists reacted to the story with humor, as if hinting — a reaction to the test, to put it mildly, exaggerated. This, in particular, wrote stand-up comedian Daniel Cross:

“I Came a piece of paper with a request, and he is already trumpeting about “repression”, cancels the concerts and advised to leave Russia”.

Daniel Cross said that now observes a “tremendous panic” commensurate with the incident. In other words, Alexander took things too far.

“He is a representative of this generation of the liberal comic. They have very much cultivated the ideology that you need to flee immediately, even if you see the slightest sign of danger. You run, but try to knock in another country preferences. It is only if we consider that he was scared. Trust me, he’ll say it’s polirone, and he is very funny all of us were deceived,” — commented the political analyst Anna Sochi.

the background of the story of the escape of the comic Dolgopolov in the Internet began to spread an amusing screenshot of correspondences. These are supposedly about a woman who wants to stay in the US and this is trying to impersonate a victim of the regime — looking photos from rallies and tries to forge the protocols of detention. The authenticity of the screenshots is a very difficult question, it is probably someone’s joke that illustrates the aspirations of many “fighters against the regime” to be the role of the oppressed. That’s just the market of political martyrs is now saturated.

“we saw the martyrs turned away from them. Remember Pavlensky, a group of “War”. All of these people were unsuitable as martyrs,” — said the journalist Maxim Kononenko.

will fit on this role Dolgopolov? Initially, his concert Manager said that the comedian will return to Russia to give a concert in St. Petersburg. But apparently this gesture with the new image of the actor does not fit performances, except for Berlin, were canceled. The intrigue with the location revealed to his show-business partners — Alexander flew to Israel.