From fakie to delight: what foreign media wrote about Russia during a pandemic coronavirus

During the pandemic coronavirus Western media has been very indifferent to what was happening in Russia. However, often these messages were negative or outright fakes.

the Largest number of critical reports about Russia appeared on media platforms in the USA, Germany and the UK.

But positive comments about Russia in the context of pandemic coronavirus was mainly in the media of China, Italy and France.

these Are the findings of extensive research MIA “Russia today”, which experts have analyzed the posts of leading mass media of member countries “the Big seven” (G7), as well as China as a source of proliferation COVID-19.

Analysts say that a positive evaluation of the response of Russia to give pandemic mainly in the States that closely cooperate with our country in the fight against the coronavirus (primarily in China and Italy).

But the Western media – primarily American (despite the fact that the U.S. and Russia during a pandemic exchanged quantities of ventilators and PPE) wrote about our country mostly negative.

According to the study, more than half (58 per cent) of the message leading American media about Russia’s response to the pandemic coronavirus has been negative and only 4 percent were positive.

In particular, they argued that the Russian authorities allegedly manipulated the statistics for the infected and the deceased from kovida, and also accused Russia of waging disinformation campaigns abroad and use of pandemic coronavirus for tightening domestic policy.

Those who wrote about our country positively, mainly noted successful cooperation of Russia with other countries in the fight against the novel coronavirus, the stability of the Russian health system, as well as the creative ingenuity of the media, cultural institutions and ordinary citizens in the period of self-isolation.

In particular, a lot of rave reviews about it flash mob "Etisalate”.