From Nicholas II to Putin: Yakut pastry chefs have arranged an exhibition of cakes depicting famous politicians

At the bottom — sort of a red flag with hammer and sickle in the upper — neck, round which buckled shaped collar with red tabs. And above is a well-known face. In the characteristic features which easily can be out of comrade Stalin. That’s just the situation, which turned out to be his head — requires some explanation. The inscription at the bottom of the design says that we have “sweet dreams.” However, to investigate whose fantasies were realized in this way — is not necessary.

the Work put in the window of the Yakut bakery. Indicating that the Generalissimo is nothing like a cake. Made in natural size. Moreover, the company has made Stalin and other artifacts made by the local cooks. Well, she improvised exhibition modestly called “Leaders and leaders of Russia.” As planned, it should be a gift to the future of the public holiday. However, the emergence of the edible heads of those in power — the reaction to the ambiguous.

the Russian wrote the history of fire, sword, and even blood. That’s just the creme brulee and Fudge ever. State leaders from Nicholas II to Vladimir Putin immortalized in cakes. Voluminous busts pulled on a few pounds and are completely edible. For the head of each appointed its own price. More than all cost the current Russian leader is almost 7 thousand rubles. Here, for example, the first and only President of the USSR — a third cheaper.

“it Turns out that there is a huge demand, people are starting to wonder, I want to try. And I already think, and should we take auction on them, and the money to send for example, to the orphanage,” — says Tatiana Timirova, co-owner of the bakery-confectionery.

That they have in their heads. Know the answer of the Yakut confectioners. Everyone has their own taste — strawberry, raspberry, cappuccino. Bright red cake- red velvet and cream cheese mascarpone steel basesOh for the bust of Putin. Chocolate-white filling of Lenin. On top of sugar paste. The malleable plates — became a canvas for the artist.

“It is handmade and when the pastry begins to embody the image of the idea, it’s like that sculptor, artist, every detail, every wrinkle. To make it as it seems that it takes 4 to 6 hours, only to embody this image and shape” — explains Tatiana Timirova, co-owner of the bakery-confectionery.

the idea of the exhibition belongs to the Tatiana Timirova. In the region very famous. She is the author of, perhaps, all of the creative shares the latest time. For example, grocery deliveries, strippers, who, because of coronavirus temporarily remained without work. The working clothes of the girls added a mask and gloves. And for those who adhere to more traditional flavors, invented pizza delivery in national costumes.

On the cakes in the Network reaction is also not unique. Users joke that the tide of appetite not cause a knife to go on them is terrible, and there are even more so.

“the Work done at a high level, visible detail, without artistic education is not enough. This is a rather laborious process. But about trends, I want to say unequivocally, pastry chef prefers to make a portrait likeness of the figures, and not of cakes,” — said Irina Moshkina, gold medalist of the Championship of Russia on confectionery art.

Cakes not only paved the road to excess weight, but also on the top of the culinary glory. They have become a separate art form. They are difficult to implement and sometimes cutting. And they look as realistic as possible. That is why many pastry chefs adhere to strict rules — do not print on cakes photos and portraits so I don’t have to literally drive a knife into a loved one.

But the taste not only all the leaders, but buyers were different. Wondering whether it is possible to extend the range. For example, add the head of GoroYes, Republic and foreign leaders. Some wished to see on a platter the head of trump. It’s a compliment or a reason to think — and remained a mystery.