From robotic vacuum cleaners grow hands

iRobot, manufacturer of vacuum Roomba, is going to release new model cars equipped with hands-manipulators. Thanks to mechanized limbs the capabilities of the harvesting machines will increase: she will be able to load dirty dishes in the dishwasher, collect scattered on the floor clothes or bring food from the kitchen.

However, more functional version of the Roomba, which will grow “hands”, will appear soon. About this Bloomerg said CEO Colin angle on the sidelines of the CES in 2020 in Las Vegas. According to him, development laboratory for iRobot already has a prototype of such a device, however, the commercial product will be released no earlier than five years. The main novelty in 2020, said ng, will be the robotic mower Terra.

Technology robotic arm had previously been in charge of the division iRobot, engaged in the development for military purposes. This business the company sold in 2016, but the assets retained. At the time, said angle, iRobot didn’t know how to adapt the technology for mass use, but recent advances in computer vision and the ability of the robots to build 3D maps of the premises has made the idea of a “hand” of robobasic possible.

last year, iRobot has released a model of “smart” vacuum cleaner Roomba s9+, which is able to do the cleaning in cooperation with its “counterpart” — robot Braava floor polisher jet m6. Machine parts responsibilities: after one will blow the dirt and dust, the second will follow her and wash the floor.

Text: To.Hi-tech