From the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris off of the forest

In Paris, builders started to dismantle the scaffolding of the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral. We are talking about a metal construction weighing about 200 tons, which is melted and deformed in a fire in 2019. Workers have to saw it apart and then brought down to earth with the help of a construction crane. It is expected that the work will last all summer, reports channel “Russia 24”.

This milestone is important for Notre Dame de Paris. According to the publication France Info, at the beginning of the work melted during the fire structure was a real puzzle. Established for the restoration of the forests consist of forty thousand parts.

In a new phase of work will involve two teams of five industrial climbers. The Abbot of Notre Dame de Paris Patrick Chauvet noted — only after the analysis of metal structures we can talk about that the Cathedral was saved.

we will Remind, the fire in the world famous Catholic Church occurred in April 2019. As a result of fire struck the spire of the Cathedral. The consolation is that the structure of the Cathedral and the main works of art survived. A possible cause of the fire experts call unquenched cigarette or an electrical problem. Experts believe that the restoration of the Cathedral can go 10-15 years.