From the Central black hole of the milky Way discovered a very strange companions

Astronomers have discovered the Central black hole of the milky Way’s mysterious satellites. Such objects probably exist nowhere else in the Galaxy.

the Discovery is described in a scientific paper published in the journal Nature.

back in 2005 from a supermassive black hole of the milky Way was discovered the satellite with paradoxical properties, which experts outlined the G1. In 2012, the researchers found another similar object, calling it G2.

These bodies by the same signs were similar to the gas clouds and other stars. They move in an orbit as lights, while in size they are about the entire Solar system. And when approaching a black hole, these objects stretched its gravity and because of this become even more. Before astronomers faced anything like this.

whether G1 and G2 with the exception of, or in the vicinity of giant black hole a lot of objects? Thanks to new research we can confidently assert: there’s a whole company.

Processed data for more than 20 years of observations, the authors announced the discovery of four more such bodies, labeled as G4 – G6. They are all within 0.13 light-years from the black hole. Moreover, if the orbits of G1 and G2 are very similar, the trajectory of “newcomers” much more diverse. The periods of their revolution around the black hole occupy the range from a hundred to a thousand earth years.

What constitutes such an education? The authors suggest that this dense cloud of gas and dust that hides a huge star.

At this point researchers gave the behavior of G2 at the time of rendezvous with the black hole in 2014. Observations have detected the gas cloud G2 in the structure is strongly stretched under the action of gravity supermassive monster. At the same time, the dust stretches much less. Astronomers believe that the dust component of G2 more resist the attraction of the Central star.

according to the authors, these objects can be born by the collision and merger of binary stars. Recall that double star is a pair of stars, orbiting a common center of mass. The attraction of the black hole must destabilize their orbits. In these circumstances, a catastrophic collision will occur after only a million years after the birth of the couples (and it is small on an astronomical scale term).

the picture of G-objects and black holes (in the center).Illustration Of Anna Ciurlo.

it is Important that the gas to break away from the clouds when approaching the black hole must inevitably fall on the latter. By the way, perhaps this phenomenon is behind the recent strange flashes in the area of the “predator”.

the Opening is likely to continue: the authors have several candidates for the title of such bodies, which are now validated.

At the same time, it is highly unlikely that something similar to the G-objects will be found at least in some other corner of the Galaxy. The authors believe that they could be formed only in such an exotic environment as the surroundings of a supermassive black hole.

Any object near such a monster are very interesting to astrophysicists because they can help to study extreme conditions that the black hole creates around itself, to test a physical theory, and so on.

By the way, earlier “News.Science” ( wrote about the other bodies revolving around the “hostess” of the milky Way: clouds of gas, stars and black holes of stellar mass. Experts do not exclude the fact that she has a supermassive black hole companion.

Text: To.Science