From the heart: on the Mamaev Kurgan was genralize concert Victory

At the foot of mother Motherland is a rehearsal. Watching Dmitry Castro. Dmitry.

Concerts like this energy and emotional strength, perhaps, was not. At the foot of the symbol of national prowess — the monument of the Motherland — you will hear the best songs of military years performed by the favorite artists of the country.

“the music Itself – it’s a layer, it’s so cute, they are masterpieces. And all this is performed by great actors, a good orchestra. And we’re all here, and it will take place. We start dress rehearsal” — says people’s artist of the USSR, conductor, artistic Director of the concert of the Victory at Mamaev Kurgan Yuri Bashmet.

Maestro Yuri Bashmet is the artistic Director of the project. However, it is important to remember is the folk concert of the legendary military songs.

“Is peak voltage, like simple words, like the same words with which we speak, and the feelings and emotions cause absolutely other”, — said the magic war songs, people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Porechenkov.

“No sincere, nice, so it stays with you for years and decades to sing, if it wasn’t true. Because it’s the truth, the truth of the soul, from the heart. That’s what war songs” — says people’s artist of Russia Sergey Garmash.

Popularly favorite artists will sing songs of military years and to read frontline poems. The concert is looked forward by audiences of all generations and veterans.

“we look forward to seeing these great songs that are sung during the great Patriotic war. Especially the song “Up country”. Every night in the evening check before bed was singing,” recalls veteran, retired Colonel Victor Sistel.

defenders of Stalingrad Eugene Karapetkova – 97. But despite his age, he decided to fly to a concert in Volgograd from Moscow. This is his tribute to the soldiers and to all the winners, with whom he was walking on the cobblestones of red square on historic parade 1945.

“Such greatness stood. People who were there, the veterans basically most, they were true heroes,” — said the participant of defense of Stalingrad Eugene Kuropatka.

a Shrill sound of the great war songs highlighted by wonderful lighting effects and moving performance.

“I can’t even call a concert. I believe this kind of action. This is the offering where we are now. Buried there 35 thousand people. It’s not entertainment, it’s not entertainment. This event is for all of us,” — emphasizes the chief Director, artistic Director of the concert of the Victory at Mamaev Kurgan Victor Kramer.

to See this concert need, because he is absolutely unique. This history was not and never will be. It’s an inspiration. The cast of era on the anniversary of the great Victory.