From the rector's chair - in Ministers: Siberian Valery Falkov was headed by the Ministry of education

the New Minister of education and science Valeriy Falkov is going to run the first five scientific-educational centers under the national project “Science.” About the nearest plans of the head of the Ministry told reporters. And what they say about the Minister?

For students, especially those studying at Falkova, the news was simply enchanting. Their rector – and then the Minister! “Suddenly, and inspires faith. Here we saw the PM – it didn’t work neither Gazprom, nor in the Ministry. That is, different from, I think, many. It is a worthy candidate. I want to believe that Russian education will be of much higher quality. Of course, this will impact directly on me and on citizens and the very state in the country”, — said Asya Budaghyan, a student of Tyumen state University.

not surprisingly, students respond well. Minister of science and higher education became their rector, the youngest rector of Russia — Valery Falkov. He is 41. He is a native Siberian. Born and raised in the South of the Tyumen region — in the village Novoseleznëvo Kazan district. Successfully graduated from the Tyumen state University. He headed the Department of constitutional and municipal law. In March 2013, was elected rector of the home University. Then went to the management personnel pool under the patronage of the President of Russia.

his idea to build in Tyumen unusual monument – students–lawyers. During his leadership the University entered the TOP–100 best universities of Russia and the world. Work began to unite the interests of business, science and authorities of the three subjects of Federation – the Tyumen region, Yugra and Yamal — around the idea of creating regional scientific-educational center.

on the eve of his appointment as Minister, Valeriy Falkov joined the working group for amendments to the Constitution. He was one of the 11 lawyers who had to formulate the essence of the amendments to the basic law. Scientists have appreciated it.

“to Find in our time a rector, who has so different qualities, and is able to talk with students and with academics and industrial partners, and with regional and Federal government authorities, it is absolutely, truly unique, phenomenal. And here Valery Nikolaevich met all these expectations from the rector. And largely due to his abilities as a leader, he knows where to lead the team”, — says Andrey Tolstikov, Vice rector for research and international relations of Tyumen state University.

And the students and scientists of Tyumen hope that their fellow countryman, the Siberian Valery Falkova will be able to create in your Ministry reliable team of like-minded people. The country will continue the progressive implementation of national projects.