FSB declassified documents about the Nazi women's intelligence in the Crimea

the FSB Department for the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol has declassified documents about the plans of the Nazis to open an intelligence school in Kerch.

Among the documents is a report on the work of the NKVD of the Crimea on the Kerch Peninsula from 1 January to 14 may 1942. From materials follows, that the KGB arrested a group of women, some of whom were technical personnel of the Gestapo in Kerch. Among them Baygulova (Russian, Komsomol, paramedic 320 th infantry division), who defected from the army in November 1941, and the local girls by name Zheleznyak, Egorova, Tallgren and Tyurin.

the Investigation established that “Gestapo intended to open in Kerch intelligence school for training spies to infiltrate to the rear of the red army and all these were intended in this school.” The Gestapo entered the relationship with these women and with gifts and money persuaded to cooperate. They had to identify partisans and workers, reports RIA Novosti.