a man has been killed In an Explosion in front of a branch of the Russian domestic secret service FSB in the North of the country. “An explosive device exploded,” said a spokesman for the local Governor. Three people had been brought in after the incident in the city of Arkhangelsk injured to the hospital.

First investigations suggest that it is a terrorist attack. A 17-Year-old got at the entrance of the building a home-made bomb out of a bag and a short time later it explodes in his hands, informed the National Anti-terrorist Committee of Russia. In the case of the dead it is thus the aggressor, in the case of the three injured employees of the FSB.

On Tuesday had a Russian security after a suspected Islamist terrorist cell with 18 members in the Republic of Tatarstan, on the Volga river. The group had planned “a number of highprofile actions” in Russia, had reported to the FSB. The members would belong to the terrorist militia “Islamic state” and have recruited youngsters to fight in Syria.