FT warned the Russians about the British sanctions

Britain is preparing for a Brexit, and therefore sanctions should be his. London is preparing the launch of the independent from the European Union’s own sanctions list. The start of sanctions kicks off in February 2020. And it will allow to block the assets of persons suspected of violating human rights, warns the Financial Times.

This will allow London to resolve issues faster and stronger, without coordinating its sanctions with the 27 EU member States, says “Interfax”. Under the sanctions can get people from Russia, Libya, North Korea, and possibly Saudi Arabia.

the imposition of sanctions will be used is already incorporated in British law “amendment of Sergei Magnitsky”, informed the head of the foreign office, Dominic Raab. It allows you to prohibit the issuance of visas to officials of other countries involved in corruption and human rights violations, and to block their assets in the United Kingdom. Personal list of sanctioned will be published.

the British version of the “Magnitsky amendment” analogous to the US Magnitsky Act. The act of “the rule of law and accountability name of Sergei Magnitsky” was passed by the U.S. Congress in December 2012. This act can cover both the Russians and representatives of other countries.

“Magnitsky Laws” also adopted in Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Several countries are considering the introduction of such amendments to the legislation. In December of 2019 the development of such a sanctions regime has started and the European Union.

Moscow has described the Magnitsky Act as an unfriendly, provocative and interfering in Russia’s internal Affairs.