Future, certain citizens of the country: changes in the amendments come into force

Updated Russian Constitution shall come into force on 4 July. That the corresponding decree is already signed, the meeting with the members of the working group who prepared the amendments, announced by Vladimir Putin. Great work is not finished, said the President. In line with the new constitutional norms need to bring all the legal basis. It is estimated that will have to be adjusted about a hundred Federal laws. They now will be based on the social responsibilities of the state.

a New version of the Russian Constitution was supported by the absolute majority of the voters. Since 4 July, the amendments will enter into force, the decree of July 3, signed by the President.

“Citizens of Russia have made their choice. In accordance with this decision, I signed the decree about official publication of the Constitution, as amended. The amendments come into force, without exaggeration, by the will of the people. You know my position. Changes made to the Main law of the country affect everyone. Final final word here could only citizens of Russia. I would like to once again thank everyone who made a responsible choice”, — said Vladimir Putin.

the Work on amendments to the Basic law is complete, but the group that was engaged, consisting of Russian politicians, experts, cultural figures, decided not to disband — will remain in the same composition. It is a kind of barometer of public sentiment, which focuses the power.

“Your suggestions are exactly coincided with the expectations of the people. Suffice to mention the initiative of Vladimir Mashkov prohibiting the alienation of the territory. I think many people have seen reports, as residents of one of the territories of Russia, for whom this topic is of particular importance, literally took the words of Vladimir Leontyevich that this amendment shall be concrete and installed in honor of the 67 articles of the Constitution reinforced concrete memorial sign. I must say that this is not one or two territories, and much more sensitive areas of Russia”, — said the head of state.

Concrete argument with the text of the amendments on the inviolability of the Russian borders is set in the centre of Yuzhno-Kurilsk, on the Kunashir island. The initiator of the installation of the memorial sign was made by the youth of Kunashir and Shikotan.

the main task Now is to implement what is declared in the new articles. To do this will be the whole vertical state, from government to municipalities.

“the results of the vote showed a high level of consolidation of society on key issues of national importance. In this regard, I appeal to the government, to the heads of the regions MPs: priorities, those values for which gave his voice to our citizens, must be fully implemented,” — said Vladimir Putin.

And to happen this is a fundamental renewal of the country should under the control of the population.

“the most Important decisions the public authorities must take it with the direct participation of the people. The legal form is always possible to find, as we found form so that people made the decision on amendments to the Constitution”, — said Klishas.

based On the new articles will be built now all the Russian legislation. It will have to change no less than hundreds of Federal and constitutional laws and more than 250 regional.

Most of the legislative initiatives have been prepared. Will not forget about to offer the citizens that the Constitution was not included — each sensible idea is sure to be in demand.

“In Russia there is a basic law of a new type of socially-valuable Constitution. It protects not only the person but the ideals of the Russian people. This means that we get the unshakable basis for confidence in the future,” said co-chair Rthe working group on preparation of proposals on amendments to the Constitution of Russia taliya khabrieva.

Upholds traditional family values, for example, marriage as the Union of a man and a woman. But how then to react to, say, a flag of the LGBT community, posted on public display in the center of Moscow on the facade of the American Embassy?

“Yes, they the thing about someone who works there. But do not fear, we have said many times on this subject, our position is clear. In Russia was not, and never will be anything to do with the limitation of rights based on race, sexual orientation, nationality, on some religious grounds. Never in Russia was not and never will be. The issue is quite different. Yes, we have a few years ago a law was passed banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors. So what, let people grow up, become an adult and will decide their own destiny. To impose just does not need anything, what we are against — against imposing something. Those who attack us in this area, just bursting into the open door. It is better to let a look at some countries, including in the United States. Still, you know, there is a norm of criminal law that gay people can be prosecuted as it was in the Soviet Union. We have nothing similar, and in some States sexual orientation people may be sentenced to death. Here let them take care of business, there will be picking,” — said Vladimir Putin.

International calls Russia only strengthen. Even the epidemic of the coronavirus showed how United country can fight the scourge is much more effective than all the Western States. Russia in medicine, industry, agriculture, opens new horizons, that it needed a completefor further strength.

“it is obvious that with the development of economy in Russia we have not enough, and soon it will be very noticeable, workers. Russia is interested in the inflow of migrants, but she is interested in the inflow of those who the country needs. It can be young, educated, healthy people who are willing to either get an education and join the labour market directly or proceed to a particular job, with a certain level the needed skills and the appropriate profession. We need to look at the development of social infrastructure so that the inflow of migrants does not violate the rights of Russian citizens, who live at home,” said the President.

the Vote was an impressive experience of togetherness and power of the people. Henceforth, the President, as guarantor of the Constitution promises all important issues to consult with residents:

— the Main guarantor of stability in the country is the Russian people in the broad sense of the word, which is able to take such important decisions associated in this case with the support for the amendments to the Constitution. People are the heart felt that it is relevant and necessary to the country. Citizens of Russia, by its decision approved a change in the Constitution, and, therefore, have determined for you and clear priorities.

the Russian people — a common history, in which there is something to be proud of, the total present, which has the most industries, and now the General future, certain jointly adopted by the Constitution.