Gap weather pattern: heat and hail came to Russia together

Abnormal weather covered several regions of Russia. An unprecedented June heat not only in the South of Russia, but even in Yakutia. Beaten temperature records of a century ago. A record was and the powerful rainstorms that struck the St. Petersburg, the Crimea, Kuban. Under water were whole areas. But several cities were filled with large hail.

Plus 52 degrees Celsius show the sensors on the bus in Volgograd. In these days of public transport trips is akin to a trip to the sauna.

“air conditioning not working, the Windows don’t open — says the passenger of the bus. – In 37 degrees, and the bus is probably all of 50”.

“I go every day. And none of the bus air conditioning was not” — says the woman.

the asphalt is Melting, boiling machine, Smoking trolleys. To hide in the shadow, but it is not cool to 35 degrees above zero. Rotor is looking for salvation in the Volga.

“Melted asphalt, even, says one of the swimmers. – Specific heat is.”

“Hot, but cold water saves you from all this” — says the secret of survival in this weather, young man.

Abnormally hot weather covers not only Volgograd, and Astrakhan, Voronezh, Kursk, Tambov and Orel. Languishing from the heat of the two Russian capitals, and in the Caucasus another attack — rains and hail. Icy bombed Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea, Stavropol, Rostov-on-don and Krasnodar.

London was first hit by hail, and then flooded so that cars did not go, and floated. The streets had to withdraw bilge equipment.

Now in Krasnodar re-heat. Children splash in the fountains, adults tend to the sea.

Windsurfing Boards in Sochi to carry the car across the cabin with the doors open.

On the beaches of Sochi a lot of tourists, although the tourist season is open only for residents of the region. To dream of Sochi only Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In the Russian capital 31,5 degrees — beaten the record set during the reign of Alexander the Third.

In Saint-Petersburg plus 30, beaten temperature record of the revolutionary 1905. In such rare for St. Petersburg days really want to be closer to nature, but parks in the city is still officially closed. As a result, the beach becomes very inconvenient for these purposes, the field of Mars.

Someone is hiding under the lilac bushes, while others substitute the body of the sun, as if willing for the future to feed off his energy. According to the forecast, in the coming days the city will then melt, then swim.

“go with the Pushkin,” says the driver.

Pushkin, a southern suburb of St. Petersburg, the second time in a week he finds himself at the center of the storm front.

In the Mall you can take a shower, and on the street is to travel by boat or by inflatable rubber mattress.

Water treatments accept and animals. Under a stream of cool water splashing the seal, who was recently rescued near St. Petersburg. And zoo dives into the pool white bear Khaarchaana, it is really difficult to endure the weather anomaly.

Weather the swings when the temperature is changed to 10-15 degrees during the day, and dangerous to people.

“On the territory of Russia the temperature over the last 30 years has increased by half to two degrees. These temperature changes can explain changes in the weather: the rains that fall, become more intense”, — says head of the laboratory of climatology Institute of geography RAS Vladimir Semenov.

Extreme temperatures almost always involve extreme events — storms, hail, and hurricanes. So in the next few days should be careful. To weekends for the most part, languishing in the heat of the regions will be cold.