A nonagenarian was found dead in dramatic circumstances on the night of Saturday May 11 to Sunday May 12 in a nursing home in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (Gard). The staff members of this nursing home made this tragic discovery, then called the police around 10 p.m., the situation caused shock in the region. According to initial data, traces of violence were noted in the elderly person, which forced the authorities to open an investigation. Decryption.

This 94-year-old woman was found dead in the room of the Maison Bleue nursing home where she resided. For the moment, according to analyzes by the police, dispatched to the site in the evening, the elderly person would have been the victim of violence before his death, undoubtedly at the hands of another resident, although we do not know exactly the circumstances of this situation. It is this violence which would have led to the cardiac arrest of the nonagenarian.

In this context, an investigation was opened for “violence leading to death without intention of causing it”. It was the public prosecutor of Nîmes who spoke on this subject to provide details on this tragedy. As our colleagues from Le Figaro report, “the old lady, first found alive on the ground in a corridor of the establishment where she seems to have gone independently, then died suddenly while she was being taken care of by the staff”.

Although the circumstances of this sudden disappearance still remain unclear, an investigation is underway. The staff and residents are currently being questioned by the police and the video surveillance images must be used in order to find out what really happened during this tragic night.

The magistrate also revealed that an autopsy was to take place and could provide new elements to the investigation. According to his words, “the circumstances and causes of death are the subject of investigations”, adding that an autopsy “will make it possible to give better direction to this investigation which is beginning and whose criminal qualification could be revised in light of the first elements”.

The same case also occurred in a retirement home in Moselle, in Yutz, where an octogenarian woman was found dead on Sunday around 5 a.m. The victim was thus inanimate with a pillow on his face, his bedroom window open. An unusual situation which prompted the judicial police to open an investigation.

According to initial information, it was during a round on Sunday around 5 a.m. that a member of the establishment’s staff discovered this 84-year-old lady lifeless in a room located on the ground floor of the establishment. The Metz judicial police are now responsible for the investigation.