General Motors demonstrated a future car without a steering wheel and pedals

the Company Cruise, part of automaker General Motors, introduced in San Francisco unmanned Shuttle Origin. The bus is designed for fully Autonomous passenger: he doesn’t have not only the hood, passenger Windows and side mirrors, but even the steering wheel and pedals.

the Sliding doors of the minivan opened by pressing the round button — like on the train. Interior minimalist Origin: inside there is nothing but two couches for passengers, located opposite each other, and a pair of displays.

“Usually cars are designed so that the front is the hood, where the engine and rear trunk for storage, told The Verge co-founder and Director of technology, Kyle Vogt of Cruise. But when you don’t need it… we have this huge, spacious salon, which will not take on the road more space than a conventional machine. Partly crazy”.

By removing the steering wheel, the rearview mirror, the pedals, and more, were left with something simple: space.

– Cruise (@Cruise) January 22, 2020

Specifications electric “Shuttle” were not disclosed. According to Vogt, as well as any other robomobile, Origin is equipped with radars, cameras and lidars — laser range finders which scan the surrounding area and serve as the “eyes” of the machine. The cost of each instance of the Origin he estimated at $300-400 thousand.

the basis of “smart” Shuttle will form their own software Cruise. At the time of launch into production, promised Vogt, Autonomous control system will be released to the “superhuman level of performance and will be more reliable than the average driver-a man.”

As expected, the minivan-the drone will attract private taxi service Cruise. While he is at the stage of beta testing and available only to employees of the company.

Text: News.Hi-tech