Genius everything is possible? The story of the daughter of the assumption of his despotism shrugged

the scandal with the award for “Biggest story”, established a prize of the Russian state children’s library: daughter of the author of “Cheburashka” and other favorites Eduard Uspensky wrote an open letter.

She said that her father was a tyrant and a despot and supporter of the destructive cult, which practiced the beating of children and women.

According to her, the father thus tried to fight with alcohol addiction and suffered from this she is a mother.

the writer’s Daughter says father abused her on the hand, was rude and even cussed out. However, when there were strangers, ostentatious showed the family idyll.

Revealing this side of life the famous writer, Tatyana Uspenskaya opposed to rewards given the name of her father.

In recognition of the daughters of the writer, since his death, she was not going to his grave – so heavy childhood memories.

the story of Tatiana about the cult of Victor Stolbun in which it was at the insistence of his father spent three and a half years, antisectarian expert, Professor Alexander Dvorkin says: “It was a GULAG for children, and all the books of the assumption is not even worth one crippled child of destiny”.

that the writer was a domestic tyrant, and says the third wife of the assumption — TV presenter Eleonora Filina. According to her, the husband laid a hand on her, and the words about to apologize, he replied: “Yesenin also beat their women, and I assumption!”

After divorcing him in 2011, Eleonora was trying to attract press and attention to the behavior of the writer, but he was a very influential writer, so Tatiana and Eleanor offered to be quiet.

both women believe that Eduard Uspensky in recent times, according to them, was not a Creator, and “businessman of the literature.”

They pay attention to the fact that most fans have not read his works and know the characters only by the cartoons.

However, not all guests in the Studio were prepared to support the daughter and ex-wife of the writer.

So, for example, the father “jumble” film Director Boris Grachevsky believes that the personal qualities of the assumption does not detract from its literary merit, but on the question of the appropriation of his name of the award should not affect the assessment of his moral character, because “it’s the award not the best father.”

Composer Grigory Gladkov recalls that assumption has helped many aspiring authors to take place, and some (in particular, the poet Yuri Entin) believe that Tatiana says about dad things because of the unfair, in her opinion, the distribution of the inheritance.

assumption, who died two years ago, left all his real estate and bequeathed the rights to all his works last wife, Elena, with whom they raised two adopted girls sick.

native daughter of the writer and the grandchildren got nothing.

That told about the methods of education in the sect Stolbun been there? Is it possible to forgive the genius of evil, and whether or not the assumption was homemade tyrant?

Assigns the name his prize after the scandal, and what was Yuri Postnikov, who recently claimed that he is the bastard son of the writer?

those who are “for” and “against” the award of a name of Eduard Uspensky and about the reaction to the revelations his daughter and ex-wife of the writer, in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.