GEORGES TRON – The mayor of Draveil is on trial for rape and sexual assault after complaints from two women. Georges Tron is defending, he swears to have only practiced foot massages, without sexual connotations.

[updated 23 October 2018 at 9h41] Ten months after having been discharged with a great noise, and the trial of Georges Tron resumes this Tuesday at the tribunal de grande instance of Bobigny. Lawyers of the mayor of Draveil (Essonne) had obtained such a referral after you have convinced the president of the court that the serenity of the debates could not be optimal, between the broadcast of a documentary on the case and the confidences of the magistrate, according to which it would have been better that a woman is in its place. In short, here is Georges Tron, the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, back on the bench of the accused and the charges have not changed : “rape and sexual assault in a meeting”.

Because yes, the politician is not all alone on this bench. It is accompanied by Brigitte Gruel, former assistant to the culture at the town hall of Draveil, accused of the same facts. Together, they are addressing the complaints of two former employees of the municipality draveilloise. Their accusations are accurate, the two women report that they have been deceived by the intentions of the municipal official, the process would have been similar in both cases. Georges Tron, who has never denied his passion for the foot reflexology, would have used this pretext to manipulate his alleged victims.

The stories glaçants accusers of Georges Tron

Eva Loubrieu, one of the two complainants, was even convinced to have started a serious relationship with the married man. Virginia False is the second woman who accuses Georges Tron and the one who had delivered his testimony to the special Envoy on France 2, face to face. She reported having met with the former member of parliament in 2008 during the campaign of the municipal. During an appointment, she indicated that the conversation had turned around reflexology and Georges Tron had a surprising behavior : “He stood up, grabbed my foot and removed my boots. I was surprised by both the familiarity”, she told.

On the question of Brigitte Gruel, rather, it is Ms. Loubrieu the status of his guilt. “I found myself with a foot massaged by Georges Tron, the other by Brigitte Gruel. At the end of this lunch, we will be in the office of the mayor”, and reflected on France Inter in December 2017. And add, still more cold : “I could Never have imagined it. The staging takes place. Mr. Tron is placed between the two of us. (…) Here I am, locked in this office. I find myself in a position to endure the rapes of M. Tron and Mrs. Gruel. I was a rag doll, it was he who directed my hand to fondle Brigitte”. More recently, with franceinfo, it was state of the consequences of these alleged facts. “Twelve years after, I do not sleep still not the night. I just wish that it stops”, says Eva Loubrieu.

Georges Tron believes to be a victim of a conspiracy by the FN

in their defence, the defendants deny block having raped the two women, or even have had consensual sex. Georges Tron and Brigitte Gruel recognize sessions of foot reflexology with therapeutic power and claim to be victims of a plot initiated by the national Front (now national Gathering). An argument that should be difficult to hold when it is known that, during the adjournment of the trial, in December 2017, the courts of appeal had indicated that Ms Fake and Loubrieu had “neither the one nor the other a political profile,” and were therefore “far less suspicious of calculations”.

This last, on Europe 1, said that “if plot there be, it is rather to silence us”. And to describe, full of spite : “Georges Tron has used everything in his power – the staff of the city council, his contacts with police officers, exercise, etc – to discredit, to question our about. So, if there is a conspiracy, yes, this is the one”. On his side, master Dupont-Moretti, which defends the interests of Georges Tron, did not want to talk to the defence of his client, claiming that it was a “hysterization around this case.”

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