Georgia and Ukraine complained about Russia in an MMO

Georgia and Ukraine has complained to the International Maritime organization (International Maritime Organization, IMO) on the “illegal actions” of Russia, which allegedly hampered search and rescue operations in the Black and Azov seas and the Kerch Strait.

On the page of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK Facebook says that this document was supported by the US and the EU.

in addition, Ukraine has expressed protest in connection with the fact that the Russian radio station NAVTEX-Novorossiysk “illegal” has expanded its service area and now includes the sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait.

the Ukrainian diplomats are convinced that the navigation information on navigation safety should extend only Ukrainian radio in Berdyansk.

In this regard, the Complainants called on the International Maritime organization “to consider the illegal unilateral actions of Russia, threatening the security of navigation”, RIA Novosti reported.

In October last year, Ukraine has threatened to strengthen its position in the sea of Azov.