They hadn’t expected that at the German Fechter-Bund. Vice World Champion Alexandra Ndolo leaves the team and will represent Kenya in the future. “It was difficult for us in the presidium to make this decision, but we agreed to your request to change the association,” said association president Claudia Bokel on Tuesday.

Epee fencer Ndolo, who undressed for German Playboy before the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, celebrated her greatest success this year at the World Championships in Cairo by winning the silver medal. “I would like to devote the last years of my career to the service of Kenyan fencing,” explained the 36-year-old. According to the association, this is a major setback for the German epee team on the way to the Olympic Games in Paris in two years.

Ndolo was born in Germany to a Kenyan father and a Polish mother in Bayreuth. She grew up in Bavaria, after graduating from high school she switched to OFC Bonn, where she became German epee champion in 2010 and began training as a medical-technical assistant. She then joined the sports promotion group of the Bundeswehr as a sports soldier and studied business psychology at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Now she changes colors to fulfill her heart’s desire.

“I think I can make a difference in my deceased father’s home country through my commitment,” she said. A few years ago, Ndolo became a co-founder of the Fencing Federation in Kenya. According to her own statements, she then collected donations in kind to promote the sport there.