Germany calls on EU member States to criminalize Holocaust denial

foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas published an article in the magazine Speigel, in which he called on Europeans to join forces in combating anti-Semitism. To do this, the head of the German foreign Ministry offers to create a joint plan, to educate and to introduce criminal punishment for denial of the Holocaust.

the Minister says that almost every second German Jew thinks about emigrating, as only Berlin in 2019 for the six months recorded more than 400 incidents of anti-Semitic orientation.

Maas recalled one of the most resonant attack on a synagogue in Halle. The offender planned to kill the believers, and when he hurt, shot and killed two bystanders.

on the eve of the International day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, the Minister said that Germany in this year the OSCE will allocate 500 thousand euros for the protection of the Jews in Europe.

According to Maas, in addition to the fight against xenophobia and misinformation in the Internet, Germany will promote the idea of criminalizing the denial of the Holocaust in all European countries. This will create a global working group.

“worldwide, there are attempts to distort the facts about the Holocaust and spread lies about him, which must be faced,” wrote Maas.

In conclusion, the Maas noted that 30 percent of European youth are not aware of historical facts about the policy of extermination of the Jews in the twentieth century. Efforts are required, be sure the Meuse, to educate and inform about the Holocaust, RIA Novosti reported.