Germany is preparing a response to US sanctions on the

Germany may impose retaliatory sanctions if the United States will impose restrictions against the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. About it reports Bloomberg mo with reference to sources in Berlin familiar with the situation.

the economy of Germany in the internal reports that new US sanctions could affect a significant number of European companies and banks, and government organizations.

In response to this, according to the newspaper, the administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel will insist on coordinated action by the European Union.

Earlier, a group of U.S. lawmakers from both Republicans and Democrats introduced in the Senate a bill to expand sanctions against the pipeline. The purpose of the bill is to block the completion of the construction of the “Nord stream-2”. Previous U.S. sanctions had forced a Swiss company Allseas, a contractor of the project is to stop its bulldozers working in the Baltic sea “Nord stream-2”. In the construction of the pipeline was attended by three vessels of the company — the Pioneering Spirit, Solitaire and Audacia.

“the Federal government should cease to throw at US with cotton balls. Germany needs to respond to attacks and to defend the sovereignty of Germany and of Europe, strongly urges the head of the Bundestag Committee for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst. — We should consider the option of imposing sanctions against senators who insist on punitive measures against the “Nord stream-2″. On the world stage we need to unite and to a certain extent, to isolate the US position. We must not obey”.

the Conquest of the European gas market is a matter of survival of the entire US shale industry. Hundreds of thousands of jobs and votes. Therefore, Berlin should prepare for the fact that trump will build pressure on the presidential election approaches.

In turn “EastCNY Committee of the German economy” (WCGA), which brings together representatives of businesses working with Russia, with great concern the attempts of the US to impose new sanctions to the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and to prevent its construction, said the Chairman of WCGA Oliver Hermes.

the US Plans are a direct threat to the legal security of the EU and will lead to the fact that the US sanctions will affect a dozen German and European companies. The proposed bill is the reason that on the place of transatlantic relations is a pile of debris, said Hermes.

the gas Pipeline “Nord stream — 2” is almost completed, and the US has almost no ability to prevent this. This writes the German newspaper Die Welt, noting that Moscow has found a way to circumvent us sanctions against the participants of the project.

we are Talking about what the ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”, formerly owned by Gazprom, now recorded on the current Russian STIF Fund, reports RIA Novosti. In February, “Academician Chersky” came from the Russian port of Nakhodka, then, rounding the southern tip of Africa, in may arrived in Kaliningrad. Then the pipe went to the shores of Germany, and this month docked in the harbour of the German Sassnitz.

There the crew is preparing to fulfill the mission of world political significance, writes the German edition: to build a Baltic sea the last part of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. According to it, natural gas will come from Russia to Germany.