Gerontologists told about the terrible effects of no carb diet

the TV channel “Russia 1” gerontologists — corresponding member of RAS, Professor, Director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and gerontology Vladimir Khavinson and doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, President of Russian society antinaturalness medicine Svetlana Trofimova said treatment of one of the tele-viewers.

She said that during the isolation and decided to try fashionable among supporters of healthy lifestyles carbohydrate-free diet.

Initially, the result pleased: immediately – minus three pounds. However, she soon noticed that it was very bad to feel.

a young woman, according to her, headaches, insomnia, muscle spasms, dizziness and slight nausea, feels like the flu.

She even in any case passed the test for the coronavirus. Luckily, he was negative, but now the TV viewer concerned with the question: could it act on her body this carbohydrate-free, or so-called keto-diet, which involves avoiding foods that contain carbohydrates.

Experts say that to completely abandon the carbohydrates is impossible and explain why they are necessary for our body.

Gerontologists explain: your body consists of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which make up 2-3 percent in our body. Is glycogen. And carbohydrates is essential. They are and liver, and heart, and brain, and in muscles, and glycogen is the most important factor of our life.

Carbohydrates our body needs, primarily because it is energy.

No carbs – will be lethargy, weakness, experts explain.

in addition, they protect our body. Complex carbohydrates are necessary for the immune system, they are included in the so-called polysaccharides – gums that line the inside of our bronchial tubes, nasal cavity, and gastrointestinal tract, and there is accumulated the largest number of immune cells.

“Because we’re talking about what, for example, the nasopharynx is the first gate of any infection. And if there is any kind of infection to our body, these mucopolysaccharides become the Foundation, which then further prevents the occurrence of infectious processes in our body,” explains Dr. mills.

Carbohydrates are the builders of our body.

Her colleague, Dr. Khavinson adds: “the Most important thing — carbohydrates are part of DNA and RNA, the molecules of heredity, and so no material for the construction of DNA and RNA is simply impossible to reproduce.”.

in addition, without carbohydrates such as fiber, essential for normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary for proper intestinal motility.

the Keto diet can also lead to the violation of metabolism and ketoacidosis, person can even slightly smell like acetone.

one rather serious complication, which may be after this diet is gipoglikemicheskie condition that causes headaches, discomfort, irritation and the like.

Also is the loss of important trace elements – those with such a diet does not enter the body with the same carbs, say gerontologists.

On the question of what to do, experts suggest to slightly change your lifestyle and be sure to include in the diet of primarily complex carbohydrates.

for Example, brown rice, vegetables, fruits, and candies, cakes and sugar substitute lighter, yet beneficial complex carbohydrate food. It is the same fruit, for example, yogurt.

Experts also remind you that it is very important the correct comprehensive daily nutrition – a diet that includes both proteins (approximately 40%), carbohydrates (approximately 40 percent), and about 20 percent fat.

This is what is recommended by the world health organization, and a comprehensive diet will help to restore or to maintain health and to be as long as possible young and fullth forces, say experts on longevity.