71-year-old British rock musician Ozzy Osbourne told about the struggle with a chronic neurological disease that is degenerative disorders, progresses slowly and is not treatable.

One of the founders and member of the group Black Sabbath gave an interview with Good Morning America, which said that suffering from a form of Parkinson’s disease. According to the musician, he spent years in terrible condition and taking many medications after the operation. A fragment of an interview published in the Twitter page of the television program.

the rocker’s Wife Sharon Osbourne, who also took part in the conversation, said that the husband’s disease is not a death sentence, but in the body of her husband affected all the nerves. According to 67-year-old woman from Ozzie may be quiet days, and then it becomes suddenly bad.

He admitted that he decided to tell about the disease, because no longer able to hide it. According to Osborne, he’s bad with secrets and he’s able to hide anything.

.@ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Rock legend @OzzyOsbourne sits down with @RobinRoberts and breaks his silence about his private health battle with Parkinson’s disease. https://t.co/tYd0K3rQet pic.twitter.com/ANaS82xakY

— Good Morning America (@GMA) January 21, 2020

As reported by some media, a musician for a long time thought that the trembling of his hands due to years of drug use. In addition, Osborne was drinking a lot of alcohol. By the way, one of the biologists called Ozzy a genetic mutant, because this characteristic has allowed the singer to survive long enthusiasm for dangerous substances.

Parkinson’s Disease is expressed by symptoms such as the appearance shaking in the hands, slowness of movements, a person in a state of depression.