GH: in South Korea, discovered a very contagious strain of the coronavirus

New points of distribution COVID-19 in South Korea has arisen due to the strain of GH, which is much faster and more contagious than previous subspecies of the novel coronavirus.

According to the organization of Korean centers for control and prevention of disease, first in the country to spread the strain S, imported from China. Then it mutated into a strain of V. It is the sectarians of Sinchonri, that is half of all patients in the country.

now, However, in South Korea, revealed a strain of GH, which is six times faster than other subspecies of the novel coronavirus. As experts explain, it is well attached to human cells, which implies a higher infectivity. This strain originated in Europe, North and South America and parts of Africa. Thus, in South Korea, it was brought, according to RIA Novosti.

In early may, the country has moved on to a more relaxed mode of quarantine measures “social distancing in everyday life”, but then the authorities had once again strengthen safety rules due to the emergence of local virus.

meanwhile, 16 members of the crew of the Russian vessel-the refrigerator Ice Stream, arrived in Busan from Vladivostok, discovered the strain of GR. Also, there are a few cases, they are all brought from abroad.