Girlfriend Meghan Markle told the details of the novel with Prince Harry

the Former girlfriend of the wife of the British Prince Harry, American actress Meghan Markle, told the details of their relationship, including the beginning of the novel Megan with her future husband. Business consultant Gina Nelcorp cone, familiar with Megan in 2014, I wrote an article for The British The Mail on Sunday that she had a mission: “to catch a Prince and rule the world.”

According to Natorp cone, with Megan she met during her shooting in the series “Force majeure” (Suits) and quickly became friends. And in 2016, having learned from Megan that she and Harry have become quite close to the first joint vacation, Gina had no doubt that the Prince will fall in love with her friend on the ears.

she was simply fascinated by her friend, like everyone says Natorp cone. According to her, Megan has a personal warmth, ability to comfort and is able to get close to her man feel like he is the only one in the world who matters to her.

According to Natorp cone, by the time as a business consultant Meghan Markle she helped her get several lucrative offers from sponsors and brands. The actress, writes Gina, valued her advice, both professionally and in personal life — as long as it is not touched on her relationship with Harry.

“I had my doubts about whether Megan to withstand sustained pressure, being a friend of Harry not to mention this wonder of wonders as to become his wife, — writes Nelcorp cone. — As soon as she told me that their relationship look serious, my enthusiasm turned into anxiety for them both.”

And it was not only in the increased media attention to the Royal family — the wife of the Prince had to cope with the huge expectations of the British public, the Royal personages and their courtiers. In response to these explanations, says Gina, Megan raised her hand and made her shut up.

“Shut up, said the actress. — does Not want to hear it. This is a positive time in my life.”

According to Natorp cone, Meghan Markle was never interested in the lives of the British Royal family and traditions, she wanted charm and glory of belonging to the Windsor dynasty, but not accompanying all this daily routine.

According to Natorp cone, she was not very surprised by the decision of Harry and Megan to resign by senior members of the Royal family: on the basis of personal experience, Megan Markle — first and foremost a business woman, and from a purely commercial point of view, it is exceptional for her time to continue where it stopped, and to build on her career as an actress and a public persona.

surprisingly, only the speed at which took the “Magnit,” according to Gina, she thought that the Duchess of Sussex tolerate their stay in this status for at least a few years.

“I’m sure that her influence on Harry leads him away from the family, writes Nelcorp cone. I cannot say that he has no own will power, but he himself said so well: “If Megan wants something, she gets it”.

“I don’t think she could pull Harry from his family, if somewhere inside he didn’t want to make a big step like that, she continues. But given the fact that I saw during the period of their life together, I’m sure she played a big role in the current crisis.”